• D155 Compact MPOS

    PAX D155 is a stylish and cost-effective PCI PTS 5.x certified mPOS specifically designed for micro and small merchants. The D155 can be connected to iOS, Android and Windows devices through Bluetooth to conveniently handle EMV smar t card transactions. In addition to that, the D155 also packs WiFi and GPRS connection to deliver a seamless mobile payment experience for merchants and cardholders.

    Specifically Designed for EMV Smart Card Transactions | PCI PTS 5.x Certi􀀘ed iOS, Android & Windows Compatible EMV L1 / L2 Certi􀀘ed WiFi & GPRS Bluetooth 4.2 Support

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  • D200 MPOS

    The beautifully designed D200 streamlines payment into a unique personal program, and you can now take all your value-added applications on the D200 to provide a high-tech and user-friendly customer interaction point. 


    Pocket-sized & touch-press key design | iOS & Android compatible | Mfi certified by Apple | Visa payWave & MasterCard Contactless certified | Bluetooth / WiFi / GPRS connectivity 

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  • D180 MPOS

    PAX’s D180 is a compact, stylish and cost-effective wireless mPOS terminal, PCI PTS 5.x certified, which connects to a wide range of Smart Phones, Tablets and PCs. The D180 delivers a seamless transaction experience: easy to use, convenient and fast. Suppor ting Bluetooth and USB communications, and with buzzer, the D180 streamlines your payment business whenever or wherever necessary.

    Contactless, Chip, Magstripe | iOS, Android, Windows | Bluetooth Connecitivty | PCI PTS 5.x, SRED MasterCard Contactless | Visa payWave

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  • D150 MPOS

    PAX’s D150 is a stylish and cost-effective wireless MPOS terminal, PCI PTS 4.x certified, and specifically designed for accepting EMV smart card transactions. The D150 connects securely via Bluetooth to Smartphones and Tablet Computers in order to deliver a seamless mobile payment solution for merchants and cardholders.


    Chip & PIN  MPOS Terminal | iOS, Android & Windows compatible | Bluetooth Connectivity | PCI PTS 4.x , SRED approved


    Download datasheet of D150